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What We're About

DIY:MKE was started a long time ago and is the brainchild of Scott Cary and Nate Northway. They started this project with the idea of providing a center of information which would help bands and promotors get in touch with other bands and venues to set up a show.

We're about providing an outlet for bands and venues to put themselves out there to play, host, and promote shows and other punk events.

We're also about punk ethics - Afton and Gorilla Promotions, you can't hit people up using our platform. If we get reports that people are contacting bands and venues from 'pay-to-play' businesses, we will blacklist your IP address. Simple as that.

Since we're about punk ethics, we're not going to use the information you provide to us to market to you. We also will not sell or share your information to market to you. With that in mind, remember that this is a public site, so there may be some spammers that get through the weeds. Though we will do our best to keep these bots and people out, we can't prevent this 100% of the time.

To help ease spam and other unwanted contact, we do provide a few liberties: if you're a venue, you don't have to provide an address. If you're a public venue (such as a bar, community space, etc), we do strongly encourage you to use your real address to help people find your place. Additionally, your contact information can be obscured so that all contact through DIY:MKE will go to one inbox. The best way to do this is to set up an email account (we strongly recommend GMail) which is only used for this site or for booking purposes. For example, my band, Anergrams, has an email address just for organizing shows,

How We Do This

DIY:MKE is maintained by Nate Northway.
It is funded by our users and supporters via GoFundMe. All donations go towards (1) domain registration, (2) hosting, (3) licensing, (4) any other related costs. At the end of each quarter, any additional funds will be donated to local non-profits and charities, on a rotating basis. A few of the organizations we'll be donating to include Planned Parenthood , GSAFE, and Independence First.